Jobs will have certain guidelines, file criteria, and restrictions in order to help prevent common problems and issues that we regularly see happen. A more detailed description of our guidelines for specific software and file types is available in the Pre-press Guidelines section.

Hours of operation

Tuesday – Friday: 6:00 AM – 5:30 PM (we are closed on Mondays until further notice)
Saturday – Monday: Closed **We are open Monday mornings for order pickups only.

Requests to leave orders outside or dropping off orders in person MUST be done no later than 5:00!

Our 5,000 runs generally finish between 1:00 – 5:30 PM. We complete all orders as quickly as we can and cannot guarantee daily completion times. Please monitor the status changes online for updates.


Due to tight turnaround times and low margin for error, we may put your order on HOLD if the files properties don’t match our required criteria. This may result in you missing a weekly or daily run (depending on the product) and your order being delayed.

Content of your design

We are not responsible for any typos or errors in your printed product’s content. If you put the wrong date, forgot to add something, made a spelling error, put the wrong venue, or any other error in design we share NO responsibility for your mistakes. When you upload files and click submit you are confirming that your project is approved by you and it’s ready to print. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Completed order left at Grove for an extended time

We can hold your completed order at the shop for 45 days. Orders left longer than 45 days are subject to being recycled. Please pick up your orders in a timely manor.

Specific Policies