Files and Formats

Multiple Files

When ordering postcards with multiple files please include the words “front” and “back” in the files names.

File Formats

Our preferred file formats are TIFF, JPEG, and PDF. All other software file formats (such as Quark, InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.) should be converted into PDFs prior to submitting your order. Some of these programs were not developed to be used as tools for the creation of files to be outputted for production on printing presses. Using the programs we recommend will increase the likelihood of the quick turnaround of a print-ready job from you. Not using our preferred formats will result in a 2-3 day delay in production. There is also the possibility that once we review your files that we may not have the required fonts and graphics to properly convert the files for you. If your using non-standard fonts and non-recommended software please attach the fonts to your order request.

Files submitted should be created at 300 dpi resolution and the actual final dimensions of product you are ordering. Our preferred file formats are JPG, TIFF or PDF. If files need to be altered in any way, additional fees could be added and your job may be delayed. Once problems occur, the production timeline of your order could be subject to change.