Quantity, Cutting and Design


All of our postcard runs are printed to +/- 10% of the order quantity. For example, that means that on a 5,000 run you will either receive up to 500 extra or be short up to 500, 10% of the total quantity. It’s extremely rare for orders to be short because we always run 500 or more extras. However sometimes there are sheets that become damaged during production and they are thrown away/recycled rather than packaged with your final cards. What this all means is usually you get a few extras but it’s also possible to be short a few cards.


We undercut our products slightly. Please keep all type and critical content .125” (1/8”) from the edges of your design’s dimensions. If type or critical content is too close to the edges of the design, they may be cut off or cut into. Although we only undercut the products by a hairline (1/32” – 1/16”), for best results do not place critical content within .125” of the page/artboard edges. You may include additional bleed area on your designs if you choose. Doing so will allow us to adjust your file to ensure nothing is trimmed off. (BLEED: printing term used when ink prints to the edge of the page or artboard.) Although we do not require bleeds it certainly doesn’t hurt to include them.


We do not do any design, corrections, or layout here at Grove Printing. All files need to be approved final designs in print-ready format.

Customers employing the services of third party designers should be sure to inform their designers of our particular criteria. Including the file guidelines outlines in our Pre-press Guidelines section.

Please be aware of local post office requirements when designing your postcard. We ARE NOT the USPS or a mailing house and do not change or confirm that jobs do or do not meet postal regulations. It is completely up to you to ensure your design matches USPS requirements. No discounts or refunds will be issued if the cards are rejected by the USPS or mail house because of the design.

We are not responsible for any of your design content. Any mistakes or explicit content is the client’s responsibility. We do not read or check any content. It is your responsibility to submit approved final designs to be printed.