Postcards (625 run)

We print postcards Tuesday through Friday (check the order page for pricing)

Color: Full
Printed sides: Both sides
Paper stock: 100# Gloss Cover
Quantity: 625 run (order from category: Postcards 625 Run)

  • 2×3.5 business card size
  • 2×6 postcards
  • 3.5×4 postcards
  • 3×4 postcards
  • 3×6 postcards
  • 3×8 postcards
  • 4.85×4.85 jewel case postcards
  • 4×12 postcards
  • 4×4 postcards
  • 4×6 postcards
  • 4×8 postcards
  • 4×9 postcards
  • 5×7 postcards
  • 6×11 postcards
  • 6×12 postcards
  • 6×6 postcards
  • 6×8 postcards
  • 6×9 postcards
  • 8×12 postcards
  • 12×18 postcards

This run is a two sided full color run on our #100 Gloss Cover card stock. You can print on only one side, but the price is the same. If you are uploading only one file please specify if you want them printed one sided or the same on both sides or they will be printed one sided. Please consult our pre-press guidelines if you are concerned about your design. Please track your order status online to determine when it has been completed.

When ordering postcards with multiple files please include the words “front” and “back” in the file names. This is particularly important when ordering UV/Aqueous coating because the front is UV coated and the back is aqueous coated. If you fail to clearly mark them front and back we will use our discretion.

It is not recommended that you change the quantity for this product, as we have 625, 1250, 2500, and 5000 runs and the larger runs have more favorable pricing.