Event Postcards

Postcards At A Glance:

  • Message is instantly viewable
  • Cost-effective direct mail marketing
  • Small size keeps mailing costs down
  • Can be integrated with QR codes to extend the information provided
  • Easy to design

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A variety of flyers

Various sized flyers advertising events in the city

What are postcards?

Postcards are small single sheet flyers usually no larger than 4″ x 6″ intended to be mailed without the use of an envelope. Generally printed on heavy weight paper, postcards often consist of one side with a high impact image and a marketing message on the other.  Because they’re inexpensive to print, postcards offer a marketing option to more spendy mainstream advertisement ones like radio or TV.  Postcards are small enough to cost effectively spread information about an upcoming event by mail while still being a viable print option for handouts.

Why should I use postcards?

Because of their generally small size, postcards are a fantastic way to promote upcoming events through the mail. They’re often cheaper to mail than a letter, and their smaller size makes it easy to identify the marketing message.  They can be used to promote a club event or concert, promote a business opening or drive traffic to your website.  Advertise your event to your client list instantly and in a cost-effective manner with postcards.

I know what these things are!  Tell me how to order postcards!

Get your postcards at Grove Printing!  Use our online ordering portal to order, pay, and upload all your imagery.  We offer expedited turn-around printing and even in-house pickup so you don’t have to wait to have your order shipped!