Event Rack Cards

Rack Cards At A Glance:

  • 4” x 9” commercial advertisement document
  • Portable and easily disseminated
  • Gloss and matte coatings available
  • Can be die-cut into door hangers
  • Easy to design and use marketing flyer

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Rack Card Example

Rack Card Example Promoting an Arts Festival

What are rack cards?

Rack Cards are commercial advertisement documents. Basically a long postcard or flyer, rack cards are usually 4″ x 9″ with printing on both sides and used to promote upcoming events. Normally rack cards contain a high impact image along with a targeted marketing message to promote an event or product. Additionally, rack cards can contain multiple panels or fold-outs and make effective brochures.

Why should I use rack cards?

Rack cards are easy to disseminate, allowing them to be passed out by hand and distributed in large venues like concerts, parking lots, and conventions. Modified rack cards can also be hung on door knobs. They’re a relatively inexpensive way to market an event or product

Because of their size and portability, rack cards are fantastic promotional items. They can be used to promote a club event, drive traffic to your website, advertise an upcoming sale or showcase a current product to name just a few ways rack cards can help you advertise your business or product.

Our rack cards can be die-cut into door hangars or coated. We offer UV coating for a gloss finish and durability, or matte for a flat, satin-like finish.

Rack cards sound great!  How do I get them?

Get your rack cards at Grove Printing!  Use our online ordering portal to order, pay, and upload all your imagery.  We offer expedited turn-around printing and even in-house pickup so you don’t have to wait to have your order shipped!