How do I register?

In order to register you must first click on “Register now” on our home page located directly below the login area. Then you fill out all of the required fields such as name, address, and password fields. Then click on the “Register” button at the bottom of the page (button with the green check mark). It will jump you to the login page where you enter your email address and password. You are now logged in and ready to start ordering.

How do I place an order?

To place an order you must first register and login to groveprinting.com with your email and password.

Then you will start out on our “Start New Order” page which can always be found on the left at the top of our menu bar. First you will select the category in which you would like to order your product from such as Postcards 1,000 run, Postcards 2,500 run, Postcards 5,000 run, Business cards, Posters, and much more. Second you will select which product in that category that you would like to order. Each category is set up differently so be sure to pay attention to the quantity and size. Thirdly you will select the quantity of the product you ordered (this multiplies a product batch size).

After that you click on the green start box with a check mark. Then you will select any printing or bindery options that need to be done to your job such as Scoring, Folding, Perforation, Numbering, and Coating. After that you will select your shipping options and enter your shipping address if applicable.

If everything looks okay you then click the green Confirm Options at the top of the page. Then you will be sent to the Awaiting Payment page which will require you to click on the green Make Payment box to enter your payment information. You have the option to select one or all of the jobs you ordered. After your payment information in entered then you click the green Make Payment box at the bottom. Once the Payment has been made you can upload your files by clicking on Active Jobs and selecting the job number you wish to upload your files to. After you click on the job number it will open the Awaiting Files page which is where you will find the Files section. You can browse your computer and select each file you would like to be uploaded then click the green Upload box. You can also add any important comments to this page by entering your comment in the Comments section and then clicking the green send to upload with your order. If you have any questions or concerns please check our Product descriptions and Prepress Guidelines section or you can give us a call in the front office during business hours.

How do I track an order status?

To track an order status you must first login to your account. Then you will click “View Your Jobs List” link which can be found on the left in the menu bar. Your job status will be in the column labeled “Product, Shipping, Status” along the bottom.

How do I upload files?

To upload files you need to first need to complete the ordering steps… select your category, product, quantity, printing or bindery options, and then make payment. Once the payment has been made you can upload your files by clicking on “View Your Jobs List” followed by clicking the job number you wish to upload your files for. After you click on the job number it will open the “Awaiting Files” page.

Scroll down to the “Add File” field. You can browse your computer and select the file(s) you would like to be uploaded then click the green “Upload” box to complete the upload(s). To submit the files for printing click “Submit for Review” to finalize the process.

When ordering a product… what does quantity mean? I thought the quantity was in the product name.

Quantity represents the number of batches (or lot sizes) of the product you need. For example if you order “Postcards 5000 Run” and select “4×6 Postcards, 5000” with the quantity set to 1 you would get 5000 4×6 postcards. With this same scenario if you have the quantity as 2 you would be ordering 10,000 4×6 postcards. We have a set quantity in the product name which is separate than the quantity you pick when you order since we run set batch sizes here at Grove Printing.

How do I file for tax exemption?

You must first create an online account by registering on our site, but DO NOT place your order yet.

If you are tax exempt and would like to have tax exempt status with Grove Printing you must then email your official exemption certificate or resale certificate to grove@creativeforms.com for approval. This process must be done 24 hours before a job is submitted in order to have tax exempt status applied to your job. The name on the certificate must match the name on your online account. Having a letter from the Department of Treasury will not be accepted. Once the exemption status is verified our accountant will change your newly created account to tax exempt.

How do I arrange to have an order placed outside?

In order to have your job placed outside you must select “Pickup, Leave Outside” as an option in the shipping options area of the ordering process. If your job is complete and you have not pre-selected an order to be placed outside during the ordering process additional fees will apply. If this happens you must call us before 3:30 pm during business hours or we will be unable to comply with your request. Once your job has been placed outside Grove Printing is not responsible for any lost or damaged goods. By choosing to have an order placed outside you assume all responsibility if it is lost or damaged.

Can I pay a rush fee to speed up my order?

If you have a rush order that has missed our cutoff we may still be able to help. However considerable rush fees may apply.  It is up to us to determine if we are able to produce a rush order. Often times we exceed our daily maximum of work we can produce therefore we can not except your order request. These will be handled on a case by case basis.

How should I set up my files?

Our preferred file formats are TIFF, JPEG, and PDF. All other software file formats (such as Quark, InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.) should be converted into PDFs prior to submitting your order. Some of these programs were not developed to be used as tools for the creation of files to be outputted for production on printing presses. Please see the “Pre-press Guidelines” section for further details on file formats and specifications.

How do I replace files?

In order to make a replacement to an existing order you must first put the order on HOLD. You can put it on hold by clicking on the job number from your orders list. After the jump you’ll see the hold button. Only orders that are in “order received” status can be placed on HOLD. Once it’s on hold you can add, delete, or replace files from the job info page. NOTE: uploading a file with the same name as a previously uploaded files on the same order will over write the old file with the new one. Onmce they are in “production” status no changes can be made.

How do I reset my password?

To reset you password you must click the green “Reset your password” link which will be located just below the login area. You will then be emailed a link to a reset password screen. Type in your new password and click the button below.

How do I order multiple products?

If you would like to order multiple products at once… you would order your first product and select all of your options for that product. Then you would click the green “confirm options” button at the top of the page. Then it takes you to a summery of the first product. Then to initiate the next product click the link just below the “Make Payment” link. The link reads “Need more stuff? Order now, pay together”. It will bring you to the ordering page to add the next product to your cart.

What gives me the best chance to make the daily or weekly press runs?

The best chance to make the daily or weekly press runs would be to get your print ready files to us as quickly as possible. At the very latest they should be submitted before midnight the night before a schedule print run. Keep in mind that some of our print run’s only get run once a week. The sooner we get your job’s files the sooner we can check them to be sure everything is print ready. If your concerned about your files please submit them as early as possible to allow us time to work out any potential issues that would cause a delay.

What if I miss the cutoff?

Our daily postcard/flyer runs do not have an exact cutoff time but usually we stop setting sheets up in the early morning hours Monday-Friday. We recommend that all orders be placed by 2 pm to print the following day. We try to get as many jobs done as possible on a daily basis Monday-Friday but do NOT guarantee 24 hour turnarounds. If you submit non-recommended file types or have file problems (resolution, dimensions, etc.) you will be placed on hold and it will be delayed. If you miss a run your order will be scheduled on the next available print date for the product ordered. Please review our policies for more info on specific products.

What if I want a size that is not listed?

If you do not see the size you want in our product list you should contact us for a custom price quote. You can email us at grove@creativeforms.com for more info. Any custom size job will be subject to additional charges. We have chosen our product list based on sizes that fit our set-ups and equipment, so please try to stick to the products on our list.

How do I request a quote?

If you would like to request a quote we ask that you contact us at grove@creativeforms.com or 410.242.9255. Quotes may take several days.

Can I order a product, but have my designer upload the file?

Yes, you can order products and then have a designer upload the files. This is done after you go through the ordering process all the way through making payment. Then click on “View Your Jobs List”. This will take you to the “Awaiting Files” page where the link can be found. This link is located in the Files section of this page just above the add file browse and upload area. You can select and copy this link and paste it into an e-mail to your designer. This link will allow someone temporary access to your account so the files can be uploaded to your order without access to any other areas of your account. It is completely safe and secure.

Does Grove Printing do design?

Unfortunately we do not do any design, layout, or corrections here at Grove Printing. However we have a couple of designers we can recommend if you give us a call.

How do I find Grove Printing?

We have moved to Baltimore. Our new address is:

Creative Print Group, 1560 Caton Center Drive, Baltimore, MD 21227

Does Grove accept checks?

We do not accept personal or company checks, no exceptions.

What forms of payment does Grove accept?

The only forms of payment we accept are cash and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). We can also except money orders and certified checks.

What if I need to pay cash?

If you would like to make a cash payment you would first need to set up an order online and select all of your print and bindery options. Once your job has been set up and you click the green confirm button you will get a total for your job as well as a job number. Just leave your job in the status of waiting for payment if you would like to pay in cash. Be sure to write down the job number so you can bring it with you when you come in to pay. We must get the full payment before we can start the printing of your job. Once we receive the payment your job will be lined up on the next available run.

Who is responsible if something happens to my box when it was placed outside?

Grove Printing is not responsible for any job that has been placed outside. We are only responsible for your job when it is in our building. Once any job get’s placed outside you, the customer, will assume all responsibility for that job.

How can I get a refund?

You must contact us at Grove Printing (301.571.1024) to receive a refund. We will need your order info (job number) as well as the reason for the refund. Your payment info may be required in order to process the refund. The credit card info on our site is encrypted and can not be accessed by our employees. Coming soon we will have the option to take care of refunds on our web site.