How can my company benefit from marketing with postcards?

How postcard marketing is the best print solution to bring in more clients.

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient way to build your business, large or small, consider using your company printing budget to target potential clients with a postcard marketing campaign.
Postcard marketing campaigns hold several advantages over traditional letters sent through the post office. First, many consumers see postcard mailings as informative, rather than intrusive. Second, this view of postcards as containing useful information means they are not considered junk mail and will not offend potential customers. Third, if you’re looking for affordable print solutions, using a commercial printing company for printing postcards in large batches makes the most sense. And finally, postcards are easy to read in an instant.
In the time it might take a consumer to DECIDE whether to open an advertisement or sales letter that arrives inside of an envelope, they’ve already read your postcard. They instantly process the postcard as information they can take or leave, depending on their needs. If they do need the service, or if they’re attracted to your event invitation, they’ll follow the contact directions you’ve provided for them, whether that’s a website or a phone number.
Even in an era when the low-cost of modern email marketing campaigns can make them look like the be-all end-all solution to the budget constraints many small businesses face, postcards can often bring in more clients. That’s because email marketing is not necessarily appropriate or an efficient way to market for every type of business.
How do you know if postcards might serve your business better than email? Postcard marketing can help you target and connect with as many potential clients as possible, while legitimate email marketing usually requires your potential clients to identify themselves as potential clients and “opt-in” to receive your information and sales offers. Although there are a number of ways to make this happen, sometimes you want to reach consumers directly.
Let’s say your company sells replacement windows. As a homeowner I may know I need new windows at some point, but I may not want them urgently enough to go online and look for local businesses that could help me. However, after a winter of high heating bills and cold drafts through my old windows, a spring reminder of the benefits of replacing my windows, coupled with an attractive sales offer, could be just what I need to take action. If I live in a neighborhood of houses built 50 years ago, you can bet that any homeowner who has not yet replaced their windows is considering doing so. A spring sales campaign using postcards is a low-cost, high-impact way to reach entire neighborhoods.
Other popular industries that use postcard marketing to great effect include club and theater promotions. Everyone within a ten mile radius of your club or theater should know about your special events. With the efficient cost of postcard marketing you can afford to target a large number of consumers.
Not only has the response rate for direct mail marketing held steady for the last few years, according to the Direct Marketing Association, but they also report that direct mail marketing is still much more effective than email marketing.
Entertainment, recreation, and personal and repair services see particularly high results with direct mail marketing. If that’s you, call your local print shop and start your first postcard marketing campaign!
Don’t forget to ask your friends in business if they’ve used a specific printing co for quality commercial printing.

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